{weddings} oh baby

Baby's breath has a light, airy, dreamy feel.  This simple, budget-friendly flower is popping up more & more in weddings, including tomorrow's real wedding, as the main star, not just a filler flower.  The trend doesn't seem to be going anywhere & I am still a fan of baby's breath in weddings.  Let's take a moment to celebrate the delicate baby's breath!

Quite lovely, isn't it?

Photo 1: Caroline Tran viaPhoto 2: Trigger Happy Images via; Photo 3: Anna Sawin Photography viaPhoto 4: Tory Williams Photography via; Photo 5: Kristen Marie Photography via


  1. Oh yeah babies breath is great I grew up with it in the home because my mom liked it and it is perfect for flower arrangements.

    Ali of Dressing Ken

  2. Baby's breath was incorporated so eloquently in this wedding. Nice!

  3. ooh babies breath what a beautiful arrangement. i love the aisle decorations they are so pretty!


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