We've Been Framed!

Love, LOVE!

The first professional photograph we saw of our wedding instantly became our favorite. The cobblestone street, the vintage taxi, the tainted snow, the city lights . . . It's very dramatic & romantic. We fell in love.

Naturally, we were over the moon when Tim, of Timothy Glenn Photographers, kindly presented us with a print of that very photo. I wasted no time in taking it & a 60% off coupon to AC Moore to have it framed. I had no idea there were countless mat & frame options- it took me about one hour to choose the perfect combination! Last Wednesday, they called to say the framed print was ready. Yipee!

RZ & I are so pleased with the framed print. It looks awesome! We played with a few different spots to hang the print & finally decided on our dining room. It looks right at home on the Spanish Red wall. Plus our dining room, really more of a nook, is open to the rest of our condo so the print can be seen & enjoyed from the living room too.

We're very fortunate to have a visual reminder of our fabulous, winter wedding day!

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