St. Patrick's Day Crafting #2

Green, green & more green!

A little green sparkle never hurt anyone!

Just like last year, I'm making my St. Patrick's Day cards for my family & friends. I may soon be losing my Irish last name but I will always be an Irish girl!! I love sending cards for the holidays & I love making the cards even more. Crafting is a time to unplug & unwind- I cherish every moment!

I had a clear design vision for my cards &, unlike last year, the cards turned out exactly as I'd planned. What didn't go as planned (there's always something!) was the actual crafting. Since I already had a shamrock punch & green pens, I only needed green paper & green ribbon. Yup, lots of green. I was excited to find sparkly, glitter green paper at AC Moore- jackpot! I came home & happily punched tons of cute, tiny shamrocks before taking a short break.

Beagle Bailey ate half of my shamrocks during this break!

Soooo . . . I had no green paper left & less shamrocks than I wanted. I soldiered on & I suppose the luck of the Irish was with me because I had the perfect amount of shamrocks for my cards & for Bailey's snack. The cards are so cute & I can't wait to show them to you!

Tune in on St. Patrick's Day to see my finished product!!


Hi, Lovely! Your kind comments are most welcome & always appreciated. XOXO

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