Koru Kate Finds: Snowy Tree

Oh yes, once again, I spy stylish carnations . . .  

Koru Kate Finds is Holiday-style with this festive, snowy tree decoration!!!

I'm loving the snowy tree for holiday parties & weddings.  Turn your holiday table into a winter wonderland with your snowy tree, coordinating ornaments & candles.  Simple, inexpensive & attractive!  

For this holiday DIY project, you'll need carnations, small Christmas ornaments, cute container, floral foam & a little time on your hands.  Then follow the easy instructions from Miss Martha here.

If a snowy tree is not quite your style, you're in luck because carnations come in a rainbow of colors.  Bright red carnations with silver ornaments would make a bold holiday statement.  Lime green carnations with dark green & silver ornaments would make a modern holiday statement.  Choose your favorite color & use your imagination.

My holiday mind thinks the snowy tree may be the perfect hostess gift for my sister on Christmas!  

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  1. Cute! I don't know why I'm such a carnation hater (did the media make me that way?). I do like them all bunched up like this, but I remember receiving them at a dance recital when I was like 5 and thinking "my parents are cheap". Spoiled little brat I guess!

  2. @Nikki, you're not alone on the carnation hate- I've worked with Brides who said carnations would ruin their wedding! I like to route for the underdog :-)


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