dark side

When you peruse wedding blogs & magazines, the vast majority of wedding photos are light, airy & sunny.  I haven't conducted an official study or anything but, in general, I'm pretty sure this statement rings true.  Now the dark side of weddings can be just as incredible with black skies & dramatic lighting.  Here's some love for dark, moody & romantic wedding photos!!

The happy couple (me & my hubs!!) posing by their bright yellow cab on a cobblestone street really shine against the glittering downtown Manhattan skyline & blackish-brown skies:

The colorful lights of the Ferris Wheel add a whimsical touch to a nighttime wedding portrait:

A Bride & Groom look downright angelic surrounded by a burst of white light in an otherwise dark photo:

A sparkly heart makes for a lighthearted nighttime wedding portrait:

 The Bride & Groom are the focal point of a dark perspective on a wedding portrait: 

I love how the darkness & the light truly create dramatic wedding photos.  Very different, very cool.  Do you love the dark side of wedding photography?

Photo 1: Timothy Glenn Photographers; Photo 2: Love Me Sailor Photography via;
Photo 3: W.Scott Chester Photography via; Photo 4: via; Photo 5: Photography by Dan O' Day via


  1. you're right - these are so refreshing! and a nice contrast to the white wedding dresses!

  2. I love dark, dramatic wedding photography...it definitely gives off a romantic feel!

  3. I adore well composed photos, and shots like this demand such artistic use of light–more for me, please!


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