{Holidays 2012} Home for the Holidays

Welcome to our home for the holidays!  Today, we're going to take a little tour of our home sweet home, dressed up holiday-style.  We don't have a strict theme or color scheme so our home will never win any holiday decorating contests.  But it is decorated with a lot of heart & we love it!

 A fresh wreath adorns our front door & fills our entrance with the holiday smell of evergreens:

When our first two Christmas cards arrived in early December, I absentmindedly placed them on the mirror in our front entrance until I could find a better spot.  I decided I really liked the look & made a small display of the good tidings & cheer sent to us by family & friends:

On our dining room table, we have our modern Christmas tree decorated with a few of our favorite Christmas ornaments:

The dining room shelves contain many Christmas decorations but my very favorite is our glitter platter that dances in the light of our hurricane candle:

The small white chest that holds our wedding shadowbox gets a holiday upgrade with Christmas ornaments, Christmas cottage & green candles:

We don't have a chimney so hung by the white chest with care are our traditional red & white stockings with a bit of snowflake bling:

The top of our armoire is cleared off to make way for my snowy Christmas village:

And then we have our Christmas tree, decorated with a mixture of my ornaments, my husband's ornaments & our ornaments given to us at my bridal shower.  So pretty, so special:

Thank you for joining me for a short & sweet tour of our home for the holidays!


Hi, Lovely! Your kind comments are most welcome & always appreciated. XOXO

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