Transportation: Bridal Party

Wedding Limo
Decal available on Etsy at snadyinfl's shop

After we secured transportation for our wedding guests, RZ & I turned our attention to our lovely ladies & handsome men, aka our Bridal Party. We have to get our Bridal Party to the church on time, transport them to our photo session & return them to the Hyatt for our reception. With a group of 10, the obvious answer is a limousine. No stretch Hummers or Escalades! We found & booked a 10-passenger limo to be at our Bridal Party's beck & call before the ceremony through the start of the reception.

Our wedding guests are covered. Our Bridal Party is set.

What about the Bride & Groom? Details coming on Friday!


  1. How exciting! For 10 ppl I'd say the limo was your best bet! xoxo

  2. Yeah, there wasn't too much room to get creative when you need to transport 10 people. We did have a lot more fun with our transportation- details coming Friday!!


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