Thanks Is For Giving
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I adore Thanksgiving. This wonderful holiday gives me the perfect reason to pause for a moment, look at my life & give thanks for my countless blessings. Just to name a few . . .

1. My fiance, RZ. He is my everything & my life wouldn't be the same without him.
2. My family. They may drive me crazy but they support me & love me always.
3. My friends. My friends are my family & they are the BEST!
4. Bailey, Gucci & Kaydee. Bailey is a constant source of joy & love & we needed him after saying good-bye to Gucci & Kaydee. I'm grateful for the 18 years I enjoyed with them & can only hope for 18 years with Bailey.
5. My health. On good days & bad days, I never forget the importance of good health.
6. My happiness. Something in my life can always make me smile even through tears.
7. My safety. Thank you to those who have fought & who continue to fight for my safety.
8. My freedom. Thank you to those who have fought & who continue to fight for my freedom.
9. Koru Wedding Shoppe & its amazing customers. I'm lucky to love what I do!
10. My upcoming marriage to RZ :-)

I am FULL of thanks!

Happy Thanksgiving to you & yours!

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