Transportation: Wedding Shuttle

Similar to the theme of Halloween last week, the theme is wedding transportation this week. Our ceremony & reception are in two locations so, naturally, we need transportation. We have hired three modes of transportation &, at times, it's felt a little like planes, trains & automobiles. In our case, it's bus, limo & taxi. Let's start with the transportation for our wedding guests which I've so cleverly dubbed the Wedding Shuttle.

Why do we need transportation for our wedding guests? Our ceremony & reception are in neighboring towns of Hoboken & Jersey City, about a 15-minute, easy drive. Parking is the big, big issue. Our church has a small parking lot the size of a postage stamp that we want to reserve for our elderly & infant guests.
Street parking is limited & the parking rules make it easy to find yourself ticketed, booted or towed (I've experienced all three in my eight years here). Garage parking is available but the walk may be bitter & cold in winter.
Because parking in Hoboken is such a headache & hassle, we thought it would be best to provide transportation to & from the ceremony.

A bus was the natural solution to our wedding guest transportation needs & we decided to make it a tad fun with a local spin: a NY Waterway bus. NY Waterway operates ferries between New Jersey & Manhattan & they provide buses on each side to various locations. You can hardly visit the NYC-area without spotting the familiar red, white & blue NY Waterway buses. The buses are local & distinct, plus it didn't hurt that I've worked with NY Waterway as a private charter in the past & I found them to be courteous & prompt. So we booked them for four hours & worked out the details of our Wedding Shuttle.

Here is the plan. All wedding guests, regardless of whether or not they are overnight guests at the Hyatt, are being directed to go to the Hyatt prior to the ceremony to valet park or self-park their vehicle. Our Wedding Shuttle will be waiting near the Hyatt lobby to take them to our ceremony. The shuttle will make two scheduled runs to Hoboken. After our ceremony, the Wedding Shuttle will make two scheduled runs to return our wedding guests to the Hyatt. Now they're in the right place for our wedding reception. Let the party begin!

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