Invitations: Stuff, Stamp & Mail

Ready to prep for mailing!

Mark your response cards-
it's very helpful if guests forget to fill out their name!

My tissue & stamps

Coming soon: time to mail our wedding invitations!

Our wedding invitations arrived & we took some time to drool over, oops- admire them. There were the fun & games (no, really games!) of getting the correct postage. Finally, the time came to check, assemble, stuff, stamp & mail our wedding invitations.

I cleared the dining room table & carefully laid out my supplies. Laptop. Invitations, response cards, reception cards, accommodations cards & directions cards. Gauzy tissue. Response & outer envelopes. Stamps. Pencils. Scissors although I have no idea what I was going to use those for to mail invitations. I tend to be Type A at times like this & everything was laid out in exact order to leave little room for error.

First, I checked the outer envelope to make sure the guest name & address was correct. Next, I marked the back of the response card with the guest's line number on our Excel spreadsheet. I've heard plenty of nightmares about guests returning their responses with no name & this will help us identify unmarked response cards. Then the invitation pocket was stuffed with a response card, a reception card, an accommodations card & a directions card. (By the way, thank goodness for the pocket to keep things organized- it was RZ's idea!) The response envelope was stamped & placed in the pocket. Then the pocket was checked to make sure all items were enclosed. The gauzy tissue was placed over the invitation, the pocket was closed & invitation was put in the outer envelope. Last but not least, the outer envelope was stamped. I did this over & over- about 100 times!

Ready to deliver our wedding invitations with love!


  1. How exciting :) I remember that process too. Lots of stamping, licking, folding, inserting; you know how it goes!! xo

  2. It was time-consuming but exciting! My fiance kept saying "I hope you don't end up like Susan on Seinfeld!"


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