Best "I Do" EVER

Brides-to-be know the Bridal Drill: Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue.

Something Blue can be tricky, although there are tons of cute, creative things on the market these days. My all-time favorite Something Blue are the rhinestone "I Do" shoe decals. Allow me to demonstrate their awesomeness from a real wedding . . .

Step One: Buy these cuties

Image via Shop Mindy Weiss

Step Two: Get Awesome Something Blue Photo!

Image via Photography by Martha

Love, love, LOVE! I adore this photo so much that it used to be the header on this blog & it influenced me to use "I Do" shoe decals as my Something Blue. Can you say obsessed?!

To score your own rhinestone "I Do" shoe decals, shop here or here. Enjoy!

Do you have a cool idea for Something Blue to share with us?


  1. Something blue is a must. I love those. My something blue was a Hanky Panky thong, which I'm pleased to say I can wear again! And on a non-wedding related note, I hope you don't have any hurricane damage! I saw some pretty rough footage from NJ this am on the news.

  2. So cute :) I had a piece of vintage baby blue velvet sewn into my garter for my something blue but like you said there are so many clever ideas these days you can't go wrong with any of them!

  3. Eeek, I didn't have a something blue. The groomsmen wore blue shirts does that count?

  4. What fab Something Blues, ladies! Surely those blue shirts count :-)

    @Elizabeth, I'm counting my lucky stars that we didn't encounter any hurricane damages & I hope those that did find recovery swift & full!


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