It's A Wrap! 17th Edition

The Pretty Work of Hey Gorgeous Events Images via The Knotty Bride

Hello, Koru Friends & Family! Here we are at Friday again. You know Friday is the day I collect my favorite inspiration from around the web & share it with you. Today is a little different because I'm bringing you two links only, one from months ago & one from this week. Because these posts are important. Really, really important.

I've been honest that my wedding planning experience, while amazing, wasn't all tulle & roses. Oh, the never-ending joy of opininated family! I haven't gotten into the sticky details (someday) but what I can say is I learned to keep loving these people & stop caring what they think. Letting go.

Tough times in wedding planning comes in all shapes & sizes. I hope it doesn't happen to you but if it does, you are not alone. Here, with much more wisdom, grace & honesty than I can muster on the subject is ever-so-fabulous Rhi of Hey Gorgeous:

A Wedding Planning Story: Part One
A Wedding Planning Story: Part Two

Take heart, Brides. ((HUGS))


  1. It's not always roses and butterflies ;) We can't please them all!

  2. Chrissy & Nikki, thanks for always stopping by & saying something sweet! I appreciate it so much!!!


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