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Thank You Notes- Check!

Did I write Thank You Notes & Fun in the same title? Have I gone crazy?! You may not want to ask that question after I finished writing 67 wedding thank you notes (who's counting?). Now that I've reached the other side of wedding thank you note task, I have some advice to share. Fun may have been a stretch. Let's say I have some wisdom on surviving the thank you note task with your sanity intact. Here we go:

1. Design a beautiful thank you note. This may seem silly but I swear it's a key to success. Match your wedding invitations, show off your married monogram or pick your favorite wedding photo. Whatever card will make you smile after looking at it over & over again, design it. I chose our very favorite wedding photo & it never failed to make my heart skip a beat.

2. Organization is key. As with any big project, organization saves you from unwelcome hassles. Gather your thank you notes, guest list, pens, stamps, address labels, etc before you write one single word. Keep them in one handy spot throughout the thank you note process.

3. Pick good pens. I happen to love gel pens so I stocked up on those puppies. You want a pen that you're comfortable writing with for long periods of time & you want plenty of them.

4. Set a goal & stick to it. I decided to write 10 thank you notes per night to get the notes mailed before my next vacation. I gave myself plenty of time & I took short breaks while still writing 10 notes per night.

5. Share this fun task with your husband. I didn't do this- I wrote every single thank you note. My hubs has horrible handwriting! Often, I need him to translate notes & cards he writes for me. In the interest of our wedding guests knowing what the card says, I took on the thank you note task solo. Still, I highly recommend sharing the joys & thrills with your partner.

6. Music, music, music! The Tori Amos station on Pandora saved my soul. No lie. Whether it's your favorite CD, your best iPod mix or singing to yourself, let some good tunes carry you through the process.

7. Grin & bear it. This too shall pass. Honestly, it's not so bad. I felt so much love & gratitude recounting all the generosity our family & friends heaped upon us in celebration of our marriage.

The wedding planning process is chock full of thank you notes: engagement party, bridal shower & wedding. Take the tips above & survive the process with grace!

Do you have any additional tips to share with me?


  1. Yes! Make your new Husband help. The gifts were for both of you.

    Great tips!


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