Preach It, Ryan

While the norm around here are pretty images to inspire you & your wedding, I wanted to take a different route this week & feature some wise words on weddings. Today, we have wise words AND Ryan Gosling eye candy.  It's a win-win!!

Ryan's pretty much hit the nail on the head but allow me to elaborate if I may.  Brides-to-be, don't plan your wedding with the goal of being featured on a wedding blog.  EVER!!!!  Create & plan a wedding to perfectly reflect the personality, style & love of you & your fiancĂ©.  The end goal is not being published on a wedding blog; the end goal is marrying the love of your life! Walking down the aisle & saying "I Do!" is the most important detail of your wedding.  The rest is truly icing on the cake & should be treated accordingly. 

If being featured on a wedding blog is important to you, think about it after your big day.  

Hey, are you even reading this?  Or are you just staring at Ryan Gosling?!  For more practical wedding advice from the ever dashing Ryan, visit Practical Ryan Gosling!

Photo via Practical Ryan Gosling


  1. such a great point! when i got married i was full on blogging - but mine is not a "blog worthy" wedding. it wasn't something style me pretty would feature but i LOVED it and wouldnt trade it! :) and DAMN that man is fine!!

    1. from the few photos you posted the other day, your wedding looked awesome!


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