Steel Magnolias

Raise your hand if you love the movie Steel Magnolias.  Is your hand raised?  Mine too.

Now raise your hand if you agree that dear Shelby, she of blush & bashful pink wedding fame, would approve of this precious pink wedding cake decorated with gum paste magnolias!  Is your hand raised again?  Mine too.

I couldn't help but think of Steel Magnolias when I spied the magnolia cake above.  Steel Magnolias is one of my favorite movies, one that grows better & better with age.  I appreciate the idea of women as beautiful, delicate beings who are strong, resilient creatures when needed.  I see more & more examples of steel magnolias as my women friends, family members & I experience heartbreak & tragedy.  It never breaks our beauty or spirit, only makes us shine brighter & better.  Steel magnolias are everywhere!  

Come to think of it, isn't that the perfect description of marriage?  A beautiful, delicate partnership that is strong & resilient when the going gets tough.   

P.S. The pink magnolia cake is much better than the armadillo cake :-)

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