Yesterday, it was wise words on weddings from Ryan Gosling.  Today, let's take a look at wise words about an Unplugged Wedding:

This. is. SO. important.

At a recent wedding, a cell phone rang smack dab in the middle of the marriage ceremony.  I cringed. Many of the guests turned away from the Bride & Groom saying their vows to see who was the offender.  The wedding guest silenced his phone quickly.  Clearly, he had no intention of trying to ruin the ceremony, it was an honest mistake.  An easy mistake.  An avoidable mistake.

With just a few simple words in your wedding program or discreet sign posted by the ceremony entrance, you don't have to worry about unnecessary disruptions during your marriage ceremony.  Trust me, you don't want anything to interrupt your vows!  All it takes is a little reminder & your wedding guests will take the time to silence or turn off their cell phones.  

Cameras are mentioned too but cameras don't tend to bother me or my Brides.  That's a personal choice whether or not you want to limit cameras as well.

OffBeat Bride has awesome Unplugged Wedding templates available for your use.  I chose the Modern version here but there are many others like Flowery & Vintage.  Plus they offer more advice on ensuring an Unplugged Wedding so check it out HERE!

Template available & Image from Offbeat Bride


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