{Mrs. Monday} Family Matters

My husband & I got married one year & seven months ago.  Sometimes it seems like just yesterday.  Yet, very sadly, we have said good-bye to two of our guests in that short time.  Just three months later, we lost our dear family friend, Esther.  She is forever missed for her welcoming nature & her out-of-this-world cooking.  Esther's eggplant parmesan was simply the best.  Then, just about two weeks ago, we lost my Uncle Paul.  He was a great man who seemed to effortlessly excel at his many roles in life- husband, dad, handyman, cook, actor, Marine, etc.  I will always remember his long-winded stories, usually accompanied by my Aunt Tami urging him to get to the point, & his helpful driveway traffic control to guide us out of their steep driveway without running over their mailbox.  We miss both of them so very much.  I wish Esther & Uncle Paul were still with us but how lucky were we to have them celebrating our wedding with us? 

At times like these when our memories are everything, I realize our posed wedding photos are oh so important.  The candid photos of Esther & Uncle Paul are precious too but there is just something really special about a good family photo.  Here's my side of the family including Uncle Paul- we're together, we're dressed up, we're happy.  I'll be honest- posing for the family photos was not the most exciting part of our wedding.  It's not easy to gather & arrange large groups of people, yet alone get them to look at the camera & smile at the same time.  A solid plan, good photographer & skilled wedding planner definitely help!  When it's all said & done, we are lucky enough to have a beautiful photo of our beautiful family on our beautiful wedding day to grace the pages of our wedding album, the walls of our home & the heart of our memories.  One moment in time captured & treasured forever.  

The family photo session may take a bit of time away from dancing & celebrating on your wedding day but it is well worth it, my friends.

My Uncle Paul (in the blue tie above) & Esther (not pictured) may not be with us today but they live forever in our hearts. 

Photography: Timothy Glenn Photographers


  1. So sorry to hear. I've lost some people since my wedding too and I do look back at our wedding photos and cherish them and the memories.

  2. Kate -
    This is beautiful and so true! We never know when someone will suddenly no longer be there.
    And you absolutely nailed the description of my father - perfect!

  3. Perfectly said Kate!
    Aunt Tami

  4. Oh Kate, I'm so sorry for your losses–but their presence at your wedding, and in your lives, is such a blessing.

  5. KT, you said it so well. I cherish this photo so much. There is another photo from your wedding that I have looked at so many times in the past few weeks. I did not remember that I sat between Paul and Esther at your wedding - little did I know that I was sitting between 2 angels. I do miss them so much. Getting out of the Keegan driveway last week was just not the same without Paul's guidance, but I'm sure he was hovering over the mailbox!


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