Radio Silence

Hello, my dear Koru family & friends!  I must sincerely apologize for the radio silence, especially on Wedding Wednesday when I expected to feature this amazing wedding.  Unfortunately, the very thing I rely on to share such beautiful weddings with you, my Two Bright Lights account, is not working.  They can't seem to get a handle on the problem, let alone fix it.  Frustrating!!  I'm left to just try to breathe easy & have some patience.  

On that note, there seems to be no better time than the present to show you this bright, colorful bridal bouquet.  It makes me happy just looking at it!  May it bring a bit of cheer into your life today! 


  1. That is one gorgeous bouquet! Happy Thursday, sweetie :) xoxo

  2. Good luck with the account! Beautiful bouquet though!


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