Inspired by Love

Big red hearts.  Flashy LOVE signs.  Typical signs of Valentine's Day.  Also, common sights in weddings! On the ultimate occasion of love, it's no wonder that some Brides & Grooms get quite expressive with love, like the charming couple with their bright red heart kite above.  In honor of Valentine's Day, I have gathered my favorite love images from weddings.  They are just lovely!

Make your love sparkle:

Why not pose in front of a giant heart on your wedding day?  Made of romantic red rose petals!!

Light up your live big & bright:

Envelope yourselves in each other's arms & loads of pink heart balloons:

Oh my.  Isn't love just grand?

Photo 1: Jade and Matthew Take Pictures via; Photo 2: Robyn Van Dyke Photography via; Photo 3: Ashley Rose via; Photo 4: The Purple Tree Photography via; Photo 5: Corbin Gurkin via


  1. ahh i want to do a fun photo shoot like any of these with my husband that would be so fun! i love the white dress with the jean jacket outfit

  2. Love the sparklers and the balloons! xo

  3. just adore the pink balloons! great post . . .

    oxoxox from San Francisco


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