{Valentine's Day} DIY Heart Photo Montage

I'm a firm believer of showing your love every day but showing a little extra love on special days like anniversaries, birthdays & holidays like Valentine's Day is just fine. & eek- Valentine's Day is one week away!  If you're anything like me, you may be scrambling to find a sweet, thoughtful gift.  May I present to you the quick, easy, inexpensive, meaningful DIY Heart Photo Montage:

All you need are memories, photos, double-stick tape & wall space!  Here are the easy instructions:

1.  Choose your photos.  My heart consists of 48 photos which created a large photo heart.  Adjust the number of photos according to how big or small you'd like your heart & order a few extra just in case.  Pick either a variety of photos from many events from the past year, from many special times over the years or from a big, recent event like your wedding or birth of your first child.   

2.  Print your photos.  The quickest route is to upload your photos to sites like Snapfish & pick them up one hour later at Walgreen's.

3.  Find a nice spot on the wall & make your photo heart.  Start with the longest row & apply each photo with double-stick tape (my longest row was eight photos).  Build upon your longest row, tapering down to a point below it & creating two arches above it.  

Viola- you have sweet heart for your Valentine!

My DIY Heart Photo Montage was inspired by Martha Stewart & I made it for my husband last year.  I assembled it while he was at work & surprised him with it when we got home from our Valentine's Day dinner.  He was extremely touched!  Whether you make it for your significant other, kids or parents, the DIY Heart Photo Montage will melt their hearts!

p.s. I can't wait to show you what little crafty Valentine's Day present I am making my husband this year!!  Details coming soon.


Hi, Lovely! Your kind comments are most welcome & always appreciated. XOXO

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