Wedding Wheels, winter-style

Welcome to Wedding Wheels, winter-style.  This is a special edition exploring the cool & unusual modes of getaway transportation used by winter Brides & Grooms.  Naturally, I adore it when I spy a winter Bride donning a fur stole & traveling in a vintage taxi just like I did for my winter wedding.  (Seriously, that is the exact same cab from my wedding. I highly recommend Film Cars for tri-state area Brides!).  But with the ice & snow of winter offering lots of options, it's pretty cool to see winter wedding getaways that don't involve wheels at all!

After eloping on a gondola at the top of the mountain, this cool, brave & athletic couple spent their wedding day skiing the slopes:

You don't see this everyday: a winter Bride & Groom taking a spin on their ice skates!

Okay, okay- this winter couple may not have actually used the vintage snowshoes & sled but they still get major points:

A horse-drawn carriage ride through the snow on a winter wedding day just seems so dreamy & romantic:

Now if I could just find a winter Bride & Groom racing around on a snowmobile or riding a snowplow, my Wedding Wheels, winter-style collection would be complete!

Photo 1: Anastasia Photography via; Photo 2: E. Leigh Photography via; Photo 3: James Christianson via; Photo 4: via; Photo 5: Rachel Peters Photography via


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