{Valentine's Day} Pinspired Valentines

Since the holiday crafting party was so much fun, we decided to have another crafting day: A Pinspired Party.  You know how you pin & pin images that inspire you but you never get around to tackling the project, whether it be a craft, recipe or cleaning tip?  At the Pinspired Party, each guest chose a craft from their crafty Pinterest board & we actually made them!

With Valentine's Day quickly approaching, I picked a pretty Valentine's Day card that had been languishing on my Crafty Projects Wish List board for over a year: 

I got busy with my paper punch & my deep purple, hot pink & heart red paper to create the ruffle effect:

Before I knew it, I had gorgeous, homemade Valentines to send to our family & friends:

Once I got home, I had more Valentines to make & my poor hand had cramped from punching the paper.  It's a bit of a workout!  Lucky for me, my amazing husband bought me a Silhouette, a fancy paper cutting machine, for Christmas & I put it to good use making these extra Valentines: 

The Pinspired Party was a good time!  It was cool to finally complete a craft from my Crafty Project Wish List board & I was so inspired by the other talented ladies & their beautiful crafts.  For a complete recap of the crafts & food of our Pinspired Party, please visit Crafty Party Girls on Jen Kim Made!

I can't wait for our family & friends to receive the made with love, pinspired Valentines!

Photo 1: via; Photo 2-4: koru kate


  1. A Pinspired Party sounds like so much fun! I love the cards you made...those ruffles are so cute!

  2. What gorgeous cards–those ruffles are irresistible!

  3. I love the doily one... So cute and easy to make!

    1. Ha, all along I've been calling them ruffles but you're right- I used the doily paper punch!

  4. Oh so gorgeous! Makes me want to get all crafty! :)


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