the chill

Winter Brides have the unique challenge of finding something fashionable & beautiful to battle the chill of winter days.  To stay toasty warm, I'm a huge fan of Winter Brides wearing fur stoles or jackets on their wedding day.  Yesterday's Christmas Bride wore a lovely, white fur stole & I wore a rich brown vintage fur stole on my cold January wedding day:

I will always have a soft spot in my heart for Winter Brides rocking fur stoles or jackets.  Always.  But lately I've been noticing Winter Brides choosing other options for staying warm.  & I like it.  Let's take a peek, shall we?

I'm absolutely swooning over this cozy, fur-lined cardigan:

I'm digging the cool, edgy look of this camel leather jacket: 

Most Winter Brides choose fur stoles or jackets in shades of white or brown, occasionally black, so I adore this gorgeous fur jacket in the prettiest shade of lavender:

I think a happy, bright yellow cardigan is an awesome choice: 

If you must combat the deep chill of winter, then you might as well do it with style & grace.  I tip my hat to these Winter Brides.  Job well done, ladies!

Photo 1: Timothy Glenn Photographers; Photo 2: Mirelle Carmichael Photography via; Photo 3: Ely Fair Photography via; Photo 4: Elizabeth + Rich Photography via; Photo 5: via


  1. Winter weddings just take my breath away! I love the idea of cuddling up to my hubby :) Too bad I got married in July on the hottest day of the year here ha ha!

  2. I'm such a sucker for fur–that trimmed cardigan is divine!

  3. i like it because they made it their own! be it jacket, fur, or cardi


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