Can you imagine eloping on a majestic mountaintop & then skiing the snowy slope with your new spouse?  This beautiful, brave couple did just that, actually taking a few ski runs with their fine wedding garb tucked away under their warm winter jackets.  They whipped out a Just Married sign on the ski lift to mark the special occasion.  Just the thought of this winter wedding magic makes my heart melt!

Of course, if I had actually been crazy enough to attempt anything remotely like this, I would have gone tumbling down the hill in my wedding dress.  We're not all cut out for unique, winter weddings.  
You may or may not realize that winter weddings are my absolute favorite.  I find winter so romantic because my husband & I met, got engaged & got married in winter.  While winter weddings are getting more & more love, I still find the coverage a bit short compared to the other seasons.  Grab a cup of hot chocolate & be prepared to enjoy lots of winter wedding magic in the coming weeks!   

Photography: Anastasia Photography via


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